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Most people come back from the summer break ready and raring to go. They want to finish the year on a high, busier than they have been for a long time.

The other hugely important reason for doing this is that it starts off 2016 with you ahead of the chasing pack; a really nice place to be.

So what are you going to do to put yourself in that position? What are you going to do differently that will enable you to win more clients?

How can you put yourself in a much better position to end 2015 and start 2016 but do so without spending a fortune in the process?

How about something that will actually cost you nothing, but from our experience and the experience of hundreds of our clients, will bring you more clients with absolutely no extra expense on your part?

Does this sound too good to be true?

Well, I am pleased to say that it isn’t.

Now, for the first time in its history, you can try Your Website Genie on your website for three months completely free of charge and without needing to part with any of your credit card details.


We know it works.

You have shown interest but not yet tested it, so I want to put that right and let you see for yourself that it really does exactly what we created it for; brings you new clients without any extra expense on new marketing activities.

If you are ready to try Your Website Genie, just enter your details below to receive your unique code and you can be up and running within three minutes of reading this message (yes, it really is that simple to set up).

If you would like to know more about Your Website Genie, how it works and why it works, please keep on reading.

How It Works

You know that you already have people finding your website, yet many of them leave without making contact with you. These are people who have carried out a Google Search for your services, thereby showing a desire to purchase them, but then leave without making contact with you.

Most service based businesses that I work with have anything from a few hundred visits to their website each month to a few thousand visitors, yet only a handful make contact with them.

Your Website Genie changes this on nearly every occasion for the better. Suddenly, if previously only 10 people a month made contact with you, adding Your Website Genie can change that figure to 15, 20 or 30 people. What difference does that make to your bottom line? And remember this is something that usually costs only £20 a month, but for you now is available on a free trial for three months.

If each client is worth only £100 to you, just one client a month makes a difference to you, but in our experience Your Website Genie usually generates significantly more clients than previously were coming in from our clients’ websites.

“The feedback on the website genie is that it has been great! It’s simple and easy for our clients to use and the number of enquiries we have received has increased significantly.”

Tim Murden, Managing Director TM Solicitors

Why It Works

A website WITHOUT Your Website Genie

A website visitor arrives at your website and starts reading about your services. He or she likes what they see but doesn’t feel quite ready to make contact. They are unsure how to make contact and whether it might cost them to do so. They leave your website and take no action, like the many other visitors to your website each month.

A Website WITH Your Website Genie

A website visitor arrives at your website and starts reading about your services. He or she likes what they see but doesn’t feel quite ready to make contact. They are unsure how to make contact and whether it might cost them to do so. Just as they are about to leave your website, Your Website Genie appears in the middle of the screen before them and asks if they need help with any questions. The visitor clicks yes, enters their question and presses submit. They then enter their contact details to enable them to receive the reply to their question. You instantly receive an email with their question and can either call or email them back. You have now started a conversation that can lead to a new client when previously the same client would have left your website without taking any action at all.

It is the timing of the arrival of Your Website Genie and the very gentle approach of offering to answer any questions that works.

Ready to start winning more clients with Your Website Genie now? Simply enter your details below for your free three month trial (no credit card or payment method required).

Your Website Genie: Your Colours

We are often asked if Your Website Genie can be colour customised. The answer is yes. When you sign up for your free trial you will be presented with one screen to enter all of your contact details and to choose one of 10 colour range options. One of them will work well with your website, although clients often tell us that they choose a contrasting colour to their website because they want Your Website Genie to stand out even more.

Whatever colour you choose, you can change it easily by logging back into your account, choosing a different colour scheme, pressing save and the colour instantly changes on your website.

You don’t need to keep pasting in new code snippets because we make all of the changes automatically and instantly.

So once you have pasted the code into your website (we show you exactly how you do this – more below), you don’t need to do anything else. And as I mentioned, it takes minutes to add this code to your website; or to put it another way, it takes just minutes for you to start winning more clients from your website.

Adding The Code To Your Website

When you set up Your Website Genie by clicking the link below or above for your three month trial, you are taken to one screen to get you up and running.

We ask for your basic contact details, your preferred email address for receiving all of the enquiries and then ask you to choose your colour scheme. Once you click ‘save’, you are redirected to a new screen which contains the three lines of website code that need to be pasted on your website to make the Genie work.

We show you exactly where to paste this code for WordPress websites and for custom made websites, and if you get stuck at all we will even add the code for you, no charge. Most people manage to add the code without a problem, but in the event that you cannot we will help you. We want the Genie to be up and working for you as quickly as possible so that you can start receiving more enquiries from more new clients. It is why we exist!

Does It Work With Google Adwords?

Yes, seamlessly in fact. We use Google Adwords on all of our websites and we also use Your Website Genie, as you would expect. So the Genie works very well. In fact, we even allow you to add Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Code to Your Website Genie so that you can see exactly how well it is working at bringing new clients to your door.

How Does The Trial Work?

You sign up today with absolutely no payment details required. Towards the end of the trial we will email you and ask you if you would like to continue using Your Website Genie. If you do, you click the link to add your payment details and you need take no further action at all. Your Website Genie will continue to work for you as it has done for the last three months. You simply pay the £20 a month service fee.

If you decide not to continue using Your Website Genie, we simply turn off the code and she stops appearing on your website, so you don’t need to do anything.

Ready for more clients with no cost? Let’s go!

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