Website Conversion Optimisation Tip OPPP

Use OPPP to improve your website conversion optimisation.

  • O – One
  • P – Purpose
  • P – Per
  • P – Page

You must have one overriding activity that you want your visitor to take on every single page of your website.

This might be a different purpose on different pages, but each page has to be pushing the visitor to take one course of action.

For example, if you sell a service that needs a little bit of understanding, your desired purpose for new visitors might be to download a free brochure or a guide about your service. That page should solely focus on convincing your visitor to part with their contact details and download your guide.

If you then send some more automated emails using your email marketing software – I use Aweber for mine – then it is fair that at some time to ask your prospect to find out more about your services. Therefore, you might then send them to a page where the overriding purpose is to book a free strategy call with you.

So frequently I see business owners trying to make every page do everything. From the one page a visitor might be asked to do all of the following:

  • Download a guide
  • Call to find out more
  • Buy a product
  • Book a strategy call

Clarity of one purpose per page stops you making this mistake and can dramatically improve your conversions from all of your pages.

Take a look at your website and run each page past the OPPP test. If you don’t score well, start making changes and see your enquiry volumes steadily rise!

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