How Do People Find Your Business Website

Do you know how people find your website? Do you know what is working in terms of bringing new potential clients to your website who are keen to find out more about your services, or is it all witchcraft and mystery to you?

If it is the latter, I strongly advise you to change this.

At least once a month I recommend that you carry out an audit and analysis of your website statistics package so that you can see exactly what people are typing into Google and the other search engines to arrive at your website.

This will have two major benefits:

  1. It will ensure that the page that they land on answers their questions, moving them closer to contacting you; and
  2. If it does not, it will provide you with ideas for a new page which exactly answers the questions that your prospects are asking.

You can analyse whether the page on your website that they land on by typing in the phrase or keywords in question actually answers their query. You may be surprised to discover that when I do this for clients this is rarely the case, which is one of the key reasons why the conversion rate for most websites is well below 1% – the main reason I created Your Website Genie in the first place but that’s another matter.

If you think about this, it makes sense. If a user types into Google ‘Where do I find a good marketing consultant’ but then lands on a page of a marketing consultant’s website entitled ‘How to become a marketing consultant’ they will quickly go off the website and back to the search engine results.

A potential client is lost.

We all know that people have no time today, so if you do not answer their question immediately, you cannot expect them to hang around and find the answer somewhere else on your website. Nope, they will go back to Google and let Google find the answer to their question for them. Bang goes a potential client for you!

Improve the page that they are currently visiting and also create a new page specifically answering their questions, and you can instantly increase the amount of enquiries that you receive for your services without having spent any money – often something that most people I tell find very exciting!

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