Don’t Talk To Me About Meta Tags You SEO Muppet

I want to let you into a secret. If I tell you, will you promise to keep it between me and you though? Good. You seem a nice sort, so here you go then:

Search Engine Marketing people have created their very own language to absolutely terrify you when it comes to getting more people to find your website.

They band about terms like algorithms, meta tags, alt tags, keywords and Google like they just don’t care (OK the last one is not so scary – that is until you see their bank balance).

The reason is simple, this then allows them to charge you thousands of pounds each and every month to manage the marketing of your website for you.

Ouch! Harsh Nick, you say?

Maybe, but it does seem to have some legs to it doesn’t it?

If I talk with an accountant about marketing and start talking about SWOT analysis or Dibb and Simkins definition of marketing they will glaze over. Likewise, if an accountant starts talking excel spreadsheets to me, I lose interest faster than a rat sliding down a well greased drainpipe.

So it is not surprising that so many website owners decide that website marketing is just too complicated, and if they don’t have thousands of pounds a month to invest, they simply give up.

I have made it my mission over the years to try and prevent this from happening. I try and simplify each part of the website marketing process to make it easy for them to see how they can change their website, or improve it to make it work harder and smarter for them.

I have another secret for you. Ready.

Most marketing, whether internet related or otherwise, is simply common sense.

I have a lot of common sense, alongside a large proportion of common nonsense too, but that’s another matter.

Most of my clients are far more intelligent than I am. Really clever. Yet when it comes to common sense, and common sense marketing, they do not have the foggiest clue in terms of what to do and where to start.

Back to Search Engine Marketing, let’s demystify one of the terms used by Search Engine Marketing Muppets; meta tags.

These are nothing more than a place for you to type in the words that people might use to try and find your services when they are looking for help.

They are the pieces of code that Googles little robots (other little robots are available) devour up to work out what your website is all about.

If you do not put these special words in these meta tags, Google doesn’t know what you are talking about on your website so it will not bother sending you any visitors. Simples.

That really is it in a nutshell.

Take a look at your meta tags (right click on a page on your website, view page source in Chrome or IE, or in Safari select Develop view source) and see what is in there.

The most important ones are your title tag, and your description tag.

If the words written in here are the same on every page (frequently the case), or they are empty (also often the case), change this quickly and you can see dramatic improvements to the amount of people who find your website.

When they do find your website, having Your Website Genie on their will make a substantial improvement to the number of people who get in touch with you about your services!

P.S. No Search Engine Marketing muppets were harmed in the writing of this article. Many of them are very good friends of mine, but sometimes you have to talk straight to make a point.

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