A Hidden Feature For Maximum Client Conversion Benefits

Wouldn’t you like to know what is going on inside your clients and prospects minds just before they decide whether to get in touch with you about your services?

Imagine being able to see what they were thinking.

Imagine having the intelligence to reverse engineer their decision making process so that you can improve your message to turn more prospects into paying clients.

Well, despite sounding like something from Back To The Future, this is in fact something that I can help you with.

You see, if a prospect is on your website and starts to ask a question, but then decides that they do not want to provide their contact details, you can still use this hugely valuable intelligence to improve the messsage on your website on the exact page that your prospect asked this question.

Let’s say for example that you sell legal services.

A visitor arrives at your page for making a Will and decides to ask a question.

Your Website Genie pops up at just the right time and the prospect types in their question:

I can’t see on your page if I can obtain a Lasting Power of Attorney at the same time as a Will. It seems to me that these two things go together but you don’t mention it at all.

The prospect is clearly a bit confused, which might explain why after submitting their question they decided not to enter their telephone number or email address. However, all is not lost.

You login to your client member zone of Your Website Genie and click on the spreadsheet which allows you to see all of the questions that have been asked by clients but for which no contact details have been provided.

It shows you that this prospect was on a page called www.yourwebsiteaddress.co.uk/wills.

You take a look at that page yourself and do indeed notice that there is no mention of Lasting Powers of Attorney.

You quickly edit the page and explain that you can prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney at the same time as Wills, and offer a fixed price service with a discount if both are purchased at the same time. You don’t detail the prices, or the amount of the discount as you are wise enough to know that this will mean you are just used as a price comparison website. Instead, you inform your prospects that you will be able to explain all of the pricing options on the first free fact finding call.

Over the course of the next month you notice that you have had 3 enquiries for Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney where clients have asked about your special offer, when previously you have only ever been asked about Wills. You converted one of these prospects into an instruction securing a healthy client fee.

Now imagine the same changes being made to all of your other services pages when prospects tell you what is on their minds that you have not yet answered. How many more enquiries for all of your services could you receive if you know what is troubling your client and which prevents them from contacting you?

The good news is that you can get inside your prospects minds and make it easier to sell more of your services, and Your Website Genie will help you to do this.

For a very low fee of just £20 per month, including a risk free 30 day money back trial, you can test Your Website Genie now and climb inside your prospects minds.

Back to the Future day was a couple of weeks ago, but for you it is here now!

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